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Comprehensive Cleaning Services in San Antonio


At Maid Guardians, we prioritize excellence in kitchen cleaning services in San Antonio. Our meticulous approach ensures every corner is pristine and sanitized. From dishware collection to cobweb removal, we leave no detail overlooked. Countertops are thoroughly cleaned, and backsplashes wiped down to remove grease. We dust all surfaces, from lights to furniture, and promptly dispose of trash to maintain organization. Our specialized tasks include cleaning appliances and disinfecting switches and knobs. With Maid Guardians, your kitchen receives a thorough clean, leaving it sparkling and refreshed.


Our San Antonio bathroom cleaning services ensure pristine and hygienic spaces. We meticulously clean mirrors, glass, countertops, and polish towel racks and toilet paper holders. Every detail is covered, from dusting light fixtures to tidying knick-knacks. Trash is promptly removed, floors are thoroughly swept and mopped, and surfaces like windowsills and cabinet fronts are meticulously cleaned. Our dedication extends to scrubbing tile grout and cleaning the inside of medicine cabinets. Maid Guardians guarantees a sparkling and refreshed bathroom experience.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Common Areas

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for bedrooms, living rooms, and common areas in San Antonio. Our meticulous approach ensures every surface is pristine and inviting. From cobweb removal to dusting furniture and ceiling fan blades, no detail is overlooked. We make beds, change sheets if provided, and tidy areas, promoting a fresh atmosphere. Additionally, we prioritize hygiene by cleaning light switches, door knobs, and trash disposal. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Maid Guardians guarantees a thoroughly cleaned and refreshed space.

Cleaning Checklist

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